About Us

Angela Turner -  ISTD
After having a child. Angela  started teaching for Dance Education centre in weybridge  teaching Ballet, Tap, Cheerleading and Modern . Angela then went on to setting up  Dancing Shoes Dance School starting with just a few pupils in Ballet it quickly grew as a result to hard work and her great understanding of teaching. 
Angela Is very proud that the dance school is growing more each day and is very proud of all the pupils within the dance school. 

Alhana Kitterman- Training 
Alhana started her dance training at Dancing Shoes Dance School at the age of 8 Year. Alhana is now doing her teacher training. 
we wish her all the luck. 

Jackie Lewis- fellow of the ISTD
Jackie was the principal of the Lewis academy of  Dancing for many years before moving to Corfu and becoming the Director of Corfu city dancers. after returning to the UK Jackie became a freelance dance teacher for local dance school.
Jackie came to Dancing Shoes Dance School 2 years ago to teach Ballet, Tap and Modern. 


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