Covid Plan
 Dancing Shoes Dance School
  •   All services (tables, Door handles etc) will be cleaned by myself before and after to children leave the class.

  •   Hand Sanitizer - (for when children arrive in class, I will apply to hands)
  •  Class Teacher will sign the children into class (Only teacher handles
pen & clipboard)
  •  1-way system will be put into place
  •   Facemask or Shilled to be worn by Class teacher (when children arrive to class)
  •   Parents are not to enter the classroom unless invited (children will be brought out to them)
  •  Any communication need with the class teacher will need to be dune at a safe distance 1- 2 meters away
  •   Any child that is feeling ill or has a High temp, Sore Throat, Dry Cough or Lost of taste must not attend class. 
  •  All children must arrive with full uniform with their Hair up, (to avoid close contact)

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